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Roshane Dominguez
3 min readJul 24, 2022


“Alexa, play Thank U (친구) by Ateez

I’d say this song is something I could describe to my friends. Last April 18, 2022, my friends and I went to Camp John Hay. I appreciated it so much because I realized how comfortable I am with them. Plus, it’s nice to catch up and talk with them occasionally. Especially with the suffocating walls enclosing me in my room, embracing the deafening silence can be too much.

When we went out for this picnic or outing, I told myself I’d regret it because it’d be a waste of money since I was saving. However, money doesn’t change the fact that even if you have empty wallets, you will go home with a mind full of memories at the end of the day. So with this outing, I was able to breathe and relax — especially since I was with Hannah, James, and Jerick outside having a picnic, basking in the sunlight, and enjoying the cold breeze of the wind. Camp John Hay was always the same. The trees, the grass, and the people, but what changed here every time I went back was the memories. I’d have memories with different people, friends, and family and go home feeling refreshed after relaxing next to nature.

Photos from Hannah Tamayo.

The song Thank U (친구) by Ateez is something I’d want my friends to listen to because I always wanted them to feel the appreciation I have for them. I didn’t want to be that cheesy, but I’d always make sure that people around me would feel loved and cared for, even if I wasn’t. The chorus part is what I’d let them hear, and it goes like this:

I have something to say [할 말이 있어]

That’s what I wanted to say [내가 하고 싶었던 그 말]

I’ve been thinking about it all night [매일 밤을 지새워 고민했어]

When I thought of you, [널 생각하면]

I felt sorry a lot [미안한 게 많아 어렵던]

Anyhow I’m gonna have to say something that’s hard to say [그 말 이제 하고파]

Thank you [고마워]

Photo from Hannah Tamayo.

— — But going back to what happened during that outing, we walked a little more to the jeepney station, parting ways with Hannah. We were going to Patch Cafe to meet our other friend, Graziella. We met Hannah there at the cafe, but she was too busy with other requirements. Jerick, James, Graziella, and I just sat and talked about life, as usual. And the thing about these things is that they’re not unique, nor did we do anything that would make it so memorable. However for me, I treasure these kinds of outings because it makes me feel better that I was able to spend time with my friends and enjoy a day to ourselves.



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